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Bert A. Notch

Architectural Designer

   A freethinking individual, I believe the freedom of consciousness is an important aspect of the artist. I have creative ability to solve any situation with my “right-brained thinking outside the box” approach to architecture. Finding a solution to the every day problem. Solving architectural and limited space design problems. International and local experience in architecture, engineering and building for over three decades.

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   Early on I studied design and assisted in the construction and planning of buildings.  I attended the University of Minnesota specializing in art and architecture. I started my first company, Decks By Notch. Creating “Outdoor Living Systems” which quickly grew to designing/ building custom homes and unique remodels. I expanded my business to Scottsdale Arizona, where I continued the design and build, innovative approach to the modern challenges. Formed the corporation “Creativity In Living”. Later I relocated to Los Angeles, California where I continue to work today changing peoples lives through living art.

Bert Notch

Childhood and Early Life:

   I was born March 18th 1943 to Lawrence Notch and Alma Butkowski in Rural Melrose, Minnesota.  Raised on a farm, the fifth child of seven, and developed a strong work ethic, having to do his farm chores and studies for school to make good grades. I gained experience in creating and building at an early age by helping my father and brothers cut down trees, saw logs to use for lumber and build out-structures. After overcoming the difficulties of being a left-handed child. I graduated from Melrose High School where I received the State Industrial Arts Metal in recognition to my artistic abilities. Soon out of high school I attended the University of Minnesota specializing in art and architecture. I found myself naturally driven to the structural side of art. I enjoyed finding and creating art in everyday things. It was a natural transition into creating livable structures of art that don't fight nature but seemed to feel like they're part of it. I Soon found myself creating my first company, drawing outdoor living spaces, creating the ability to enjoy the outdoors, even in the cold Minnesota winters. I designed and built custom outdoor living systems for numerous top company executives, including the Vice President of General Mills. I got married to my high school sweetheart had four beautiful children. Two daughters and two sons all three years apart. But like many things in life nothing ends out the way you expected. A few curveballs later I found myself in a divorce, keeping custody of my children, expanding my business and moving to warmer climates.

Bert notch and family Minnesota

   Upon expansion, I felt with all the changes in my life to this point. I decided to explore the possibilities of a fresh start. Moved my family to the opposite of cold weather, Scottsdale Arizona where I started the company “Creativity in Living, Inc.” Here I created the “Notch Plenum System” to reduce high air conditioning cost, which won many Green and energy savings awards. After six long years the construction industry in Arizona was slowing down. I had no choice with a family to feed, I had to seek out work. Putting my company on the side I started doing architectural work for Los Angeles-based architectural firm. Within months the job was steady enough that I chose to move my family to Los Angeles. Where I brought my company back and continue to this day as one of the leading architects in the industry. Paving the way with innovation in keeping in mind the natural resources of this earth. I met the love of my life, now married and working harder than ever to leave a legacy for generations to come.

Bert Notch and family  Arizona

Architectural/ Building :

Creativity In Living

“Respecting the old… While alive with the new!”

Bert Notch

   When the economy slowed down, he then created a program for realtors called “Create a Sale”. These conceptual ideas helped realtors enhance the property for sale, resulting in success. Bert noticed a common fact that existed in the industry— “Cost over Budget”. Consistently Clients say, when presented with their construction proposal “thats’ double of what my architect told me”. This was misguided information so Bert spent years searching for answers to help solve this problem. After moving his Corporation to Los Angeles, California he devised a program to help people understand and know the real cost for their project before spending thousands of dollars on plans. 

The program, “EstimateConstructionCostFirst.com” is free to use, no software is needed, and its within 5% accurate. 

   Bert's  primary interest is architectural design, and he continues to provide designs and construction consultations for multitudes of top executives in the greater Los Angeles area. An expert in a wide range of assignments from complete estates, planning, custom homes, kitchens, master suites, with  respecting the old and alive with the new, that describes Bert. 

  • Hands-on experience in the Construction field. 
  • Working with Engineering Firms gave Bert structural and seismic knowledge. 
  • A naturally talented designer with the ability to “step outside the box”.
  • Helped Architects solve numerous problems.
  • Featured in Top National and Local magazines and seen on NBC television. 
  • Recently completed architectural projects in France and throughout the United States. 
  • Estimating Cost Up-Front (with-out plans)
  • Preliminary conceptual designs
  • Full service Corporation; One stop from preliminary design to move-in ready, turn key. 
  • Architectural design, interior planning, engineering, government services, estimating, construction management. 
  • ONE SOURCE art and architectural services.
  • We have over 3 decades of hands-on experience working with your local jurisdiction and knowing how to creatively design your personalized project.
  • Currently writing the book “The Nightmare of Construction”
  • Many Awards: Street of Dreams- Scottsdale, Energy Efficiency by Salt River Electric, Industrial Arts- Minnesota. The gifted designers concept award is of eastern Shohihn, translated as “beginners mind” an attitude of openness, eagerness, and lack of preconceptions.

Berthold Arnold Notch was born on March 18, 1943 and passed away on January 7, 2019.

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March 18, 1943 - January 7, 2019

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