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Your "ONE SOURCE" for architecture, engineering, estimating, geology, interior design, planning and landscape. Extensive experience in architecture, engineering and green/energy efficient design. Established 1980, serving California. Full service, an unparalleled concept!

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 International and local experience in architecture, engineering and building for over three decades.

 Free in-depth cost break-out, call for details.  Green/Energy Efficient Building Award



We specialize in unparalleled space planning and creative design. "Creating outside the box" . . . Interior design and architectural design, taking the ordinary to the next level. Since 1986, The Top Notch Team has been a pioneer in building energy efficient homes. Having won various awards over the years, such as Energy Efficient Building Award for outstanding features to conserve our country's resources, the company works with clients to bring sustainable features into their homes, such as Wind, Solar, Fresh Air Economizer, LED Certified Lighting, Reflective Roi-Foil, Plenum System, Wet-Sprayed Insulation, Graywater System, Convection Walls, Insulated Block Foundations, Roof Garden, etc. 

Estimating/ Bidding

An Exclusive Estimating Service by Top Notch 

Top  Notch will develop a final 20 page detailed cost break out for you, and is a great guide for you to compare competitive bids . . .  check what they did not include or what you may want  to exclude from your project. 

Solution: You are in control of all cost and know where to redirect dollars. 

We Compile Bids for Your Project

All our trades must be licensed by the State Contractors Board, have a city license, carry workman's compensation insurance, general liability insurance and auto insurance before they are qualified to bid your project. ***We check them out for stability, quality and past projects completed. 

Top Notch Insurance Advantage:

You are named as "additional insured" by each and every subcontractor. These insurance bindings, along with out insurance policies, will clone you from any possible construction problems now and in the future. Furthermore, Top Notch gets unconditional lien releases before handing out any progress checks

Choice for Your Construction Contract

Top Notch will develop a contract for your project in detail for your review, some contracts may be negotiable. For new construction, we recommend a fee management contract and for remodeling, we recommend a bottom line contract with "accurate allowances" . . .  FIXED PRICE. All contracts are formulated for a "win-win" agreement. 


Berthold Arnold Notch was born on March 18, 1943 and passed away on January 7, 2019.

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